Agency National International Release Date
Moody’s Ratings Ba3 04/18/2019
Moody’s Ratings Ba3 07/23/2018
Moody‘s Ratings Ba3 07/25/2017
Fitch Ratings A (bra) BB- 07/07/2017
Fitch Ratings BBB+ (bra) B+ 24/04/2017
Fitch Ratings A- (bra) B+ 25/04/2016
Fitch Ratings AA- (bra) BB 13/04/2015
Fitch Ratings AA (bra) BB+ 04/17/2014
Fitch Ratings* AA (bra) BB+ 04/17/2013
Fitch Ratings* AA (bra)1 09/17/2013

1Regarding the 5th Issue of Debentures

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